This Whitepaper is a work in progress and will be updated regularly:

The idea for Royal Great Dane was to decentralize finance and disrupt the status quo.

At first glance Royal Great Dane may appear to be a "meme" token but rest assured we are much
more. We are here to stay!

The RGD token was inspired by Bill's dog-daughter, Petra. As such 5% of all the tokens have
been put in a separate wallet to be donated to help animal shelters and rescues.

In May of 2021, RGD was launched, and since it's launch has created a community of thousands
of like-minded individuals on various social media platforms. We have a solid core group of
community members that are supportive of the project.



Royal Great Dane Token is actively building a community that holders can rally around. The
community will vote on every aspect of the donation process, including how much to donate,
what animal shelter and rescue organizations will be recipients, and when.

We are a community where everyone's voice will count.



The token itself was launched on the Binance Chain in order to keep gas fees to a minimum and
allow every investor an opportunity to buy Royal Great Dane Token. Blockchains such as
Ethereum with gas fees that can be up to $1000 per transaction do not allow smaller investors the
opportunity to buy a token in its early stages.

Royal Great Dane was fair-launched with low gas fees so that anyone interested can buy the



Beginning in quarter one of 2022 we will start to build out our Petra NFTs for people to be able
to have not only a token to hold, but also their very own Petra NFT!

These NFTs will be launched on the WAX Blockchain in order to keep fees for our community to
a minimum.

This was decided on by the community in a community-wide vote and will be rolled out in two



Phase 1: "Petra's Toy Chest."
This will be where Petra rewards those who collect all of the "Treats" needed to open the Toy
Chest. The "Treats" collected will be all of the Petra's favorite foods.
The more Petra likes what you give her, the more you will get from her Toy Chest! The best
treats get the best rewards!

Here is a list of "Treats.":
• Common: Dog Biscuit
• Uncommon: Banana
• Rare: Ice Cream
• Epic: Pizza
• Legendary: Chicken Wing
• Mythic: Taco

There will be various levels of rewards based on what "Treats" someone gives to Petra.
Every Chest will have a minimum of 4 items:
• A Petra NFT place-holder
• A sticker
• A pass into our mini-game contest
• A cash(wax) prize

The Petra NFT place-holder will be traded for a Petra NFT of the same rarity when the Petra
NFTs are released (Quarter 2 of 2022.) There will be Regular Treat Packs and Royal Treat

Regular Treat Pack Rarities:
• Common: 78%
• Uncommon: 18%
• Rare: 3.325%
• Epic: .5%
• Legendary: .15%
• Mythic: .025%

Royal Treat Pack Rarities:
• Common: 49%
• Uncommon: 29.05%
• Rare: 18%
• Epic: 3%
• Legendary: .8%
• Mythic: .15%

Mini games will vary in both the duration of how long they will last and what the game will be.
For our first mini game we will be partnering with the game Journey to Godhood. If you are not
familiar with Journey to Godhood here is their website: The
details and exact contest will be outlined in our Discord Server as we approach the start of the
first mini-game contest.


Phase 2: "Petra's Royal NFTs."
These will be sold individually after “Petra's Toy Chest” has been fully rolled out. The price of
the NFTs will be determined based on the pack-sale as well as community input.
The communities best interest will be kept in mind as we determine how many, what rarities, and
price of the NFTs.

Rewards such as airdrops will be randomly distributed to holders of Petra NFTs. This will not be
limited to the most rare NFTs, and as such holding a common NFT could yield a reward far
greater than the value of the actual NFT itself!

Airdrops will include but not be limited to:
• Coins
• Tokens
• NFTs
• Free Passes into our mini-game contests
• & other fun rewards!


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