What is Royal Great Dane Crypto?

RGD is a cryptocurrency token, inspired by our company mascot, Petra the Great Dane.

Profit from every RGD coffee purchase goes into our token treasury and helps to increase the price of RGD tokens and eventually our NFTs.

With every RGD token & coffee purchase made, we also donate to animal shelters!

RGD token value will always increase because of our recurring coffee sales model, with plans to expand to more products in the near future! Because of this, RGD offers a product unlike 99.99% of the other cryptocurrencies available at this time.

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RGD Whitepaper:

The Idea:

The idea for Royal Great Dane was to decentralize finance and disrupt the status quo.

At first glance Royal Great Dane may appear to be a "meme" token but rest assured we are much more. We are here to stay!

The RGD token was inspired by Bill's dog-daughter, Petra. As such 5% of all the tokens have been put in a separate wallet to be donated to help animal shelters and rescues.

The Token Launch:

In May of 2021, RGD was launched, and since it's launch has created a community of thousands of like-minded individuals on various social media platforms.

We have a solid core group of community members that are supportive of the project.

The community will vote on every aspect of the donation process, including how much to donate, what animal shelter and rescue organizations will be recipients, and when.

We are a community where everyone's voice will count. 

The token itself was launched on the Binance Chain in order to keep gas fees to a minimum and allow every investor an opportunity to buy Royal Great Dane Token.

Blockchains such as Ethereum with gas fees that can be up to $1000 per transaction do not allow smaller investors the opportunity to buy a token in its early stages.

Royal Great Dane was fair-launched with low gas fees so that anyone interested can buy the token.  


Beginning in 2022 we started to build out our Petra NFTs for people to be able to have not only a token to hold, but also their very own Petra NFT!

When ready, these NFTs will be launched on the WAX Blockchain in order to keep fees for our community to a minimum.

This was decided on by the community in a community-wide vote and will be rolled out in three phases: 

Phase 1: Royal Great Danes first product available for sale will be a premium coffee. A portion of every sale of coffee will be put into the RGD treasury which is used to reward holders of our token Royal Great Dane(RGD). We will expand into NFTs and use part of the RGD Treasury to reward our NFT holders as well. 

Phase 2: As we build our coffee brand we will cultivate relationships with smaller farmers to allow us to offer a very unique, ethically sourced, and delicious coffee to our customers. Separating us from our competition and allowing us a distinctive niche in the coffee space.

Phase 3: We will add other products to be sold which will help to fund the RGD Treasury. This will be from both RGD and 3rd party companies who want to partner with RGD. 

Born in 2017 in Ukraine from European Champion lines, Petra was sent to the United States as a puppy to a family that seemingly purchased her on a whim. When that family discovered the true size and requirements of Great Danes, they re-homed her to Bill who had lots of experience with the breed. Petra's favorite person in the whole world is her dad, Bill. Wherever he goes, she longs to go, too. Great Danes are not only giant in size, but their hearts are equally as big. True to the breed, the love that Petra has for her family is larger than her size, and the loyalty that she shows is equally as big.


  • Quarter 3, 2022:

    Source coffee from small single origin fair-trade farmers

    Connect with a roaster who is willing to roast small batch coffee

    Set up website to allow coffee sales

    Establish shipping logistics

    Create system for coffee to be roasted and shipped in a timely fashion to allow maximum freshness and taste

    Create profit and expense breakdown for RGD holders

    Set up monthly notices for RGD holders to know how much coffee was sold and what will flow into the RGD treasury

    Establish strategic partnerships both in the crypto space as well as traditional partnerships

    Start test marketing once coffee is up for sale

    Talk to community about what they want in regard to RGD NFTs and their ownership in the company 

  • Quarter 4, 2022:

    Continue to source the best coffee for our customers

    Talk to community in regards to starting a coffee club, blog, and/or Youtube channel to extend our reach and mission

    Test marketing on Facebook, Google, Etsy

    Apply for sale on Amazon

    Run fundraisers to raise money for charities

    Find good causes to donate coffee to

    Review for possible implementation of NFTs into the project

    Complete end of year review of profit, loss, and RGD Treasury holdings

  • Quarter 1, 2023:

    Source more coffee to add variety to our selection

    Review to refine our shipping, roasting, and sourcing to create the most efficient system that allows for the freshest coffee

    Contact blockchain developers to review for buying coffee with RGD

    Continue all marketing best practices

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