Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field. With many years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first-rate support and education.


Founder & Owner

With a vision of creating a community project based around a cryptocurrency token, Bill came up with the concept for RGD. He wanted to create a "meme" token that had real meaning and purpose. Hence, Royal Great Dane was born. 

Bill's ultimate goal for RGD is to help educate and bring people together in the Cryptocurrency, NFT, and crypto-gaming space. 

Great Danes became a part of this because Bill was fortunate enough to rescue his dog-daughter that he dearly loves, Petra, about 3 years ago.

While the main purpose of the token is the community which has a discord, Bill wanted to also include giving back to help animals. 

In honor of his love for his fur-kids, 5% of all RGD tokens will be sold in order to be donated to Animal Rescues and Shelters. 


Mascot & Inspiration

Born in 2017 in Ukraine from European Champion lines, Petra was sent to the United States as a puppy to a family that seemingly purchased her on a whim.

When that family discovered the true size and requirements of the breed, they re-homed her to Bill who had lots of experience with the breed. 

Petra's favorite person in the whole world is her dad, Bill. Wherever he goes, she longs to go, too. 

Great Danes are not only giant in size, but their hearts are equally as big. True to the breed, the love that Petra has for her family is larger than her size, and the loyalty that she shows is equally as big. 


Creative Design & System Support

Vicki is a huge animal advocate and rescue-group volunteer.

Owning a myriad of pets herself, some of which include cats, dogs, horses, a mini pet pig, and pet ducks!

With an expansive background in business development, Vicki oversees the creative development and marketing of 4 other companies, as well as leads their customer support teams.

Joining the RGD project was the perfect mix of both worlds for her and she is excited to be involved in this community!

Anonymous Developers

Token Developer

RGD has 1 main developer and 1 part-time developer that have asked to remain anonymous for personal reasons.


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